Teamwork a ABA FieldFirst

Fast & Friendly

We know that turnaround times for research projects are getting shorter and shorter. ABA FieldFirst works fast and flexibly to deliver fieldwork as soon as possible.

We also know fast mustn't mean any compromise on quality.

We know that great research relies on great fieldwork. That's why we, at ABA FieldFirst, are obsessive about detail. Our aim is 'right first time, every time'.

Safe in our Hands

We provide coverage across the whole of the UK. We have 20 years of experience in projects of all shapes and sizes!



We excel in:

  • Recruitment for focus groups, accompanied shopping trips, depth interviews, workshops etc.


Big Samples

Small Samples

  • Eye-tracking

  • Note taking

  • Video recording

We conduct all types of quantitative research with areas of specialism being:

  • In-store exit interviews

  • Street interviews

  • In-home interviews

  • Online surveys

  • Mystery shopping

  • Hall tests

Nothing left to chance

Only the best

Our fieldworkers are cherry-picked to have the right skills and attitude to do a great job.

Continual training

Our in-house training coordinator develops personalised plans to ensure everyone in our network meets our high standards.

Quality assured

All participants are pre-checked to make sure they are on spec and ready for the challenge.


Viewing Facility

Our research facility, The White Rooms, is based in St Albans and offers the perfect mix of modernity and comfort. Hostesses are on hand at all times and deliver the very highest standards of service.

We have a range of rooms which, in combination, provide the perfect venue for focus groups, workshops and meetings.


Permanent members of the FieldFirst team

Area supervisors; giving us national coverage

Years of experience across the team



Us in Numbers

Trusted fieldworkers across the UK


Number of qualitative sessions held in 2017


Number of quantitative shifts done last year



Stuart Walters

Head of Field

Stuart has been at ABA for over 10 years. In this time he has tackled almost every type of project. He particularly likes coordinating long-term tracking studies where his people skills really come to the fore.

Jade McEntaggart

Fieldwork Manager

A bubbly character who runs a team of 5 fieldwork assistants, Jade has a great eye for detail and her can-do personality means even the trickiest brief gets tackled with ease.

Kim Ainge 

Fieldwork Manager

Kim is one of the world's most practical people. No matter how complex the project, she will find a great course of action. She runs a team of 5 fieldwork assistants.